Geopolitical maps – International conference « Central Asia, Shared past and Common future »

(Speech with geopolitical maps – Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann – Samarkand 10 november 2017)

The new Central Asian cooperation process initiated by Uzbekistan with all Central Asian states (Kazakstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) has the ambition to become the center of geopolitics once again in Eurasia, and a hub at the crossroads between East and West in the middle of the « New Silk Road ». This initiative, supported by all regional powers is likely to modify the future geopolitical balance of power of the region. The objective is to make Central Asia more united and prosperous, better take advantage of the New Silk Road project, be more united together vis-à-vis surrounding great powers and projecting stability in Afghanistan. Central Asia plays the role of buffer zone preventing  instability and further Eurasian fragmentation coming from the southern arc of crisis to spill over.  It also might become a new geopolitical laboratory and model for stability and peace in Eurasia. It is in the interest of European nations and EU to support this new process. The next step is to transform this first success into a permanent forum. 

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